Prenatal Yoga Series

Nourish yourself with yoga during your pregnancy with this 6 class online recorded series

You’ve heard about the benefits of yoga… but….

  • You’ve never done yoga before
  • You have done yoga, but your body feels different now
  • You’re not sure how to do yoga the “right” way now that you’re pregnant or as a mom

(By the way, I don’t teach that there is a “right” way or a “wrong” way, so you won’t get any of that mess. I teach you how to know what is “right” for your body — that’s what’s important.)

If you’re looking for a way to stay active while you’re pregnant, prenatal yoga is a great option!

Movement + Mindfulness

    You’re reading all the books and watching all the videos and they all say these two things: continue to move your body and it’s important to stay calm and breathe. Yoga helps with both, and it’s fun!

    And we need more fun in our lives because… well, let’s face it… we’re living in a time that’s making us more stressed and anxious. That’s not what you or your baby needs. Yoga will help you experience more calm even with all the chaos.

    I joined prenatal yoga to help myself relax and to learn stretches, positions, and breathing, that will help me prepare and get through labor.

    I love that the class is a time that I look forward to, and that I will feel relaxed and centered at the end.

    One of my favorite parts of the class is simulating an intense sensation, as an example of labor, and learning how to relax and manage through the discomfort.


    Yoga classes designed for YOU:

    • Focus on the aches-and-pains that come with pregnancy
    • Keep (or gain) flexibility and strength to help with labor
    • Learn how to modify for your changing body throughout your pregnancy

    But even more than all that, it’s a special time just for you. 

    It’s important to carve out some time just for you before (and after) your baby arrives.

    Yoga can be this time for you.

    I know it can be overwhelming being pregnant.

    Many prenatal options shut down in the spring of 2020 due to covid. I moved my classes online via zoom that spring.

    And I recorded that online class series via Zoom!

    I have bundled the 6 classes into an online series you can have access to 24-7.

    I started Prenatal yoga at 13 weeks when I was looking for a class to get me moving, and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I found Janine’s teaching style to be very warm and welcoming. The gentle stretching and deep breathing exercises have definitely improved my sense of well-being, along with helping me feel more prepared for labor as as I reach 34 weeks. 


    I have really enjoyed the prenatal yoga classes! It gives me an hour a week to truly connect with my body, mind, and baby. I appreciate all the information we gain throughout the class with the various poses for different ailments we may experience in pregnancy and/or at birth. 


    I wanted to say thank you for hosting the classes on-line. It’s been something nice to look forward to. You have such positive energy and it’s been calming to replay your videos.   


    Prenatal Yoga 6 Class Series

    Yoga designed to support you during your pregnancy

    What do you receive in this class series?

    • 6 full length class recordings that were recorded from a live zoom series 
    • Classes are between about 50-60 minutes each 
    • 24-7 unlimited access
    • Breathwork specific to pregnancy
    • Poses and breathing techniques to help you prepare for birth, relax and unwind, and relieve the aches and pains that can come with being pregnant 

        Attending prenatal yoga with Janine gave me a space to connect with my twins prior to their birth. Janine tailors the practice around her students needs. Specific poses and strength exercises, coupled with breathing techniques, all helped me prepare for labor. Janine is a true gem for the prenatal community! 


        Get your access to the Prenatal Yoga Series

        Where you will receive the yogic tools and practices to support your pregnancy experience.