Prenatal Yoga Series: Live & Online


Many pregnant women face uncertainty, aches and pains, and changes to their body. And now there’s a pandemic on top of all the usual stuff! 

I see you and empathize with how challenging everything can be.   

As a new mom, I learned how to care for myself and how powerful yoga practices can be. And during this pandemic, I am leaning heavily on my meditation and mat time to help me manage life. 

Having practiced yoga for 25 years and sharing it for over 8, I have experienced its benefits and have seen it help so many women through their pregnancies and births and launch them into motherhood with a toolbox of techniques.

That’s why I am so passionate about moms-to-be doing yoga!!

By taking my prenatal yoga series, you will experience: 

  • release from tension & physical discomfort
  • relief from the worry loops in your mind 
  • strengthening of your core, pelvic floor and whole body
  • a supportive community of women at a similar life juncture without the #momshame
  • connection with your baby

You are not pregnant forever (even if it sometimes feels like it) and you deserve to feel better now! 

This series is for moms-to-be who want to feel comfortable in their ever-changing skin and prepare for the mental and physical challenges of pregnancy, birth and motherhood. 

6 Week Series Details
Tuesdays, 6 – 7:15 pm
May 26 – June 30 


In Zoom, we are all able to see and hear each other. You can choose between seeing everyone or just seeing the instructor.

Class starts with a check in where we go around the “room” and hear from everyone. We also check in at the end of class. 

I have 2 computer screens set up: 

  • On one computer, I record a view of only me teaching.
  • On the other computer, I can see all the participants in the class. 

The recordings/class replays will be added into MemberVault. Everyone in class will have access to all the replays for the duration of the session, plus one week.  

We follow all the recommended safety protocols including unique meeting IDs & passwords for each class, I manually accept people into class, there is no screen sharing and I lock the meeting room 5 minutes after starting.  



Step 1

Check/arrange your schedule


Step 2

Click the link below


Step 3

Sign up for your course


Step 4

 Attend class!


I wanted to say thank you for hosting the prenatal classes on-line. It’s been something nice to look forward to. You have such positive energy and it’s been calming to replay your videos. All the information you have been sharing through the various social media networks has been great as well.


I’ve taken two sessions with Janine in her Prenatal Yoga Class so far and it’s been the best experience during my pregnancy. I started around 20 weeks and she creates an inviting and comfortable place to move, stretch, relax and connect with other expecting Mamas.

We start each class with a check-in and Janine takes to heart where each of our individual focus and needs are. She then incorporates moves in that class in order to immediately help those pregnancy arches and pains. She also includes a nice flow sequence that builds just enough heat to get the blood moving so we are able to get even more relief out of each pose.

Thank you, Janine, for guiding us Mamas in a yoga practice for this new chapter of our lives!


I have really enjoyed the prenatal yoga classes! It gives me an hour a week to truly connect with my body, mind, and baby. I appreciate all the information we gain from our class check ins and throughout the class with the various poses for different ailments we may experience in pregnancy and/or at birth.

I miss seeing everyone in person and getting out of the house, but it has been very similar when doing the class on zoom! We still receive the great instruction and love from you; if not more support during this unprecedented time.

I missed class the other night so the replay is great to use as a catch up and/or a daily practice. I can’t thank you enough for the 20 minute video and class replay to add to my day during this time.



I would love to hear from you!! Email me directly at

Thank you!