Yoga for Moms Series: Live & Online


Many moms report challenges in caring for themselves. 

Their bodies have changed. Their responsibilities have multiplied. And much of the care that was given to them during their pregnancies has shifted to their children. And that was even before the added stresses and demands on moms of managing life during a pandemic! 

When we are moms, it’s easy for entire months to pass by without us even noticing we’re in a “run ourselves ragged” rut.

How things are doesn’t have to be how they stay!    

I believe we have a responsibility as moms to nourish ourselves. Not only are we modeling healthy habits for our family, but our capacity for the demands of motherhood expands. Our resiliency increases.

While I took yoga classes in college and in my 20s and enjoyed them, it was once I became a mom that I started experiencing how powerful yoga can be. 

My yoga practice helped my body feel strong and my mind experience clarity. The movements and breathing helped me ease physical tension. The resting poses helped me relax and unwind. All together it helped me let go of that sense of constant responsibility and vigilance. 

And during this pandemic, I am leaning heavily on my yoga practice to help me manage life. 

I began teaching yoga to pregnant women almost immediately after I trained to be a yoga teacher about 9 years ago. Right from the start, I knew that I didn’t want to only teach prenatal yoga and leave it at that. 

What about after you give birth? 

What about the moms?

While pregnant, there are birth prep classes, prenatal yoga to take, baby showers, and a lot of care given to moms-to-be. However, after birth, within the joy of discovering your child, so many women experience loneliness, bewilderment and isolation. It doesn’t always get discussed. The focus has shifted to baby, and mom can feel a little lost.  

What if it didn’t have to be like that?

What if we as moms could nurture ourselves? Be there for each other?

What if we had something in our lives that was for us?

By taking my Yoga for Moms series, you will experience:   

  • a supportive community of moms who understand
  • a practice tailored to your needs 
  • techniques to dissipate anxiety
  • building of core and pelvic floor strength
  • relief from common aches and pains

The series is for moms who have all ages of kids. I find that mix to be valuable in offering each other support and perspective. It can be reassuring to hear from another mom who has been there!

Do you have a nagging sense common to many moms that taking care of yourself is selfish?

What if I told you that YOU taking time to take care of yourself is vital for the health of your whole family? 

A well-cared for mom is more resilient, happier and more able to be there for others. 

There is this idea in our culture about the value of the mom sacrificing herself for her family, and this idea is outdated and not sustainable. Plus, if we want our kids to grow up to be happy, healthy adults, we need to model that behavior ourselves. 

You can be healthy for yourself AND for your family. You are so worth it.

6 Week Series Details
Tuesdays, 7:30 – 8:30 pm
May 26 – June 30  
This session is now full. Email me directly at to hear about upcoming series and classes.


In Zoom, we are all able to see and hear each other. You can choose between seeing everyone or just seeing the instructor.

Class starts with a check in where we go around the “room” and hear from everyone. We also check in at the end of class. 

I have 2 computer screens set up: 

  • On one computer, I record a view of only me teaching.
  • On the other computer, I can see all the participants in the class. 

The recordings/class replays will be added into MemberVault. Everyone in class will have access to all the replays for the duration of the session, plus one week.  

We follow all the recommended safety protocols including unique meeting IDs & passwords for each class, I manually accept people into class, there is no screen sharing and I lock the meeting room 5 minutes after starting. 



Step 1

Check/arrange your schedule

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Sign up for your course

Step 4

Attend class!


Yoga for Moms has been my weekly refuge in the midst of a very busy career and home life and has continued to be as we navigate this unique period of isolation and uncertainty .

While I had never done any classes over zoom before, I surprised by how we were still able to maintain the intimate feel, group support and practice online. Janine has created a sacred space for women to recenter and bring rejuvenation and care to their bodies, hearts and minds.

Additionally having access to the recorded class videos and weekly meditations in our private Facebook group has allowed the benefits of the practice to be extended throughout the week.


So I totally agree that I still feel very connected via zoom as I do in the class!

Yoga for moms has been a helpful way to make sure I’m moving my body, taking care of myself, and being able to socialize with other moms who naturally understand the balancing act of being a mom especially during this time of physical separation from about 99.99% of the world 🙂

I’ve had a hard time trying not to ruminate on all of the current negativity around covid-19 and yoga for moms has been really helpful in giving my mind that needed break.



I would love to hear from you!! Email me directly at

Thank you!