Looking for ease and community during your pregnancy?

(And after you give birth, too?)

You’ve heard about the benefits of yoga… but….

  • You’ve never done yoga before
  • You have done yoga, but your body feels different now
  • You’re not sure how to do yoga the “right” way now that you’re pregnant or as a mom

(By the way, I don’t teach that there is a “right” way or a “wrong” way, so you won’t get any of that mess. I teach you how to know what is “right” for your body — that’s what’s important.)

If you’re looking for a way to stay active while you’re pregnant, prenatal yoga is a great option!

Movement + Mindfulness

    You’re reading all the books and watching all the videos and they all say these two things: continue to move your body and it’s important to stay calm and breathe. Yoga helps with both, and it’s fun!

    And we need more fun in our lives because… well, let’s face it… we’re living in a time that’s making us more stressed and anxious. That’s not what you or your baby needs. Yoga will help you experience more calm even with all the chaos.

    Yoga classes designed for YOU:

    • Focus on the aches-and-pains that come with pregnancy
    • Keep (or gain) flexibility and strength to help with labor
    • Learn how to modify for your changing body throughout your pregnancy

    But even more than all that, it’s a special time just for you. 

    It’s important to carve out some time just for you before (and after) your baby arrives.

    Yoga can be this time for you.

    “Throughout my pregnancy and becoming a mom, I made it a goal to prioritize self-care. But, this was much easier said than done. Joining the membership solidified that I was going to make my self-care journey a priority and commit to weekly yoga.”

    I know it can be overwhelming being pregnant, being a new mom, even being a not-so-new mom.

    After sharing yoga with pregnant women and moms since 2012, and moving classes online since the start of Covid-19, I wanted to offer more.

    More for pregnant women. More for new moms. More for all moms.

    That’s why I’ve created this Thriving Yoga Mamas Membership. 

    Thriving Yoga Mamas Membership

    • This membership grows with you and supports you with yoga from pregnancy through motherhood.
    • I offer 3 weekly classes: 1 Prenatal Yoga & 2 Yoga for Moms.
    • The membership has 2 tiers: Self Paced and Inner Circle.

    Join now and LOCK in today’s pricing!


    In the Self Paced Tier, you have access to the recorded content in the membership.  You hit play on your own time.  

    This Tier includes:

    • Weekly recorded full-length classes
    • Supplemental practice videos, plus videos on core & pelvic floor strength, breathing techniques, how to adapt the practice, and interviews with experts
    • Short meditation, relaxation and breathing videos

    Cost: $39/mo or $390/yr ($78 savings)


    In the Inner Circle Tier, class is live and we do it together. You have a designated class time each week, get to know each other, plus you receive individual support from me. 

    This Tier includes:

    • All content in Self Paced Membership
    • Weekly live & online yoga classes with before and after class check-ins

    Live Classes via Zoom:

    • Prenatal Yoga: Mondays, 6 – 7:15pm (4 spots available)
    • Yoga for Moms: Mondays, 7:30 – 8:30pm (4 spots available)
    • Yoga for Moms: Tuesdays, 7:30 – 8:45pm (2 spots available)

    Cost: $69/mo or $690/yr ($138 savings)

    Especially during this global pandemic, it seemed like a great way to be a part of a commuity of other women while doing something worthwhile for my mind and body.

    I also love the option of carrying the membership/community through the 4th Trimester and beyond!


    I said yes to joining the membership because in truth, this program has already saved my life and sanity on multiple occasions. This has become a mental health staple in my life and heart.

    My favorite parts – having time every week to focus on me and only me, and meeting and bonding with the other moms and moms-to-be.

    Lifelines for sure.

    It may be virtual, but I absorb so much self-love, empathy for myself and quiet spirituality.


    Not sure which tier to choose?

    My goal is for everyone to have a positive, meaningful experience at both tiers.
    The choice between the two is a personal one, dependent on your needs and personality. 

    The important piece is that you are taking time for yourself.

    You have two options. You know yourself. Your patterns. Choose the option that is best for you!

    The Self Paced Membership could be right for you if you would prefer to do the yoga on your own at the time of your choosing. 

    The Inner Circle Membership could be the right choice if you want more accountability and connection with others. 

    I joined the membership to be part of a community of women who are also pregnant and to know that I am not alone in the pregnancy experience. I also joined to help myself relax and to learn stretches, positions, and breathing, that will help me prepare and get through labor.

    I love that the class is a time each week that I look forward to, and that I will feel relaxed and centered at the end.

    I also like the emails and resources on the membership site, so that I can log on during the week to read about topics or watch videos and further practice breathing and stretching. 

    One of my favorite parts of the class is simulating an intense sensation, as an example of labor, and learning how to relax and manage through the discomfort.


    Yoga for Moms has been my weekly refuge in the midst of a very busy career and home life and has continued to be as we navigate this unique period of isolation and uncertainty.

    While I had never done any classes over zoom before, I was surprised by how we were still able to maintain the intimate feel, group support and practice online. Janine has created a sacred space for women to recenter and bring rejuvenation and care to their bodies, hearts and minds.

    Additionally, having access to the recorded class videos has allowed the benefits of the practice to be extended throughout the week.


    I signed up for the Inner Circle because I knew I most likely wouldn’t do the self paced classes. I wanted the accountability of an ‘in-person’ class!

    Also, I really came to enjoy the check ins before yoga and having a class that was tailored to how the group was feeling that day. 



    How does live yoga via Zoom work?
    The yoga is live and online in the Inner Circle using Zoom. You have a choice of a gallery view or just seeing my screen. I use the gallery view to be able to see everyone during class. Those of you in the Inner Circle will receive an email each morning of class with a reminder, zoom link and password. We follow all the recommended Zoom safety protocols. I open the room at least 5 minutes before class starts. Feel free to come in early and connect before class!!

    What if I want to switch between Tiers? 
    There is an option to switch between the Tiers. I would need to do it manually, so you would just need to let me know.  If you stay in the membership tier you started with, the price will never increase for you. If you switch or pause, you will continue with whatever price is current. 

     Will the rates ever increase?
    Yes, the rates will increase for new members,  but not for you. Whatever price you join the membership at will be your price forever. The only time it would change is if you pause your membership or switch between the tiers. Then you would switch to whatever the current price is. 

    Are there live classes every week?
    4 weeks of the year will not have live classes or a new replay: the last week in December, the week of spring break and 2 weeks during the summer. 

    What is your cancellation policy?
    You can cancel your monthly membership at any time. Monthly membership cancellation will take 48 hours to complete. As a general policy, refunds for the yearly membership will not be offered. If you have a doctor/provider recommended reason, reach out and we will talk. 

    Join me inside the Thriving Yoga Mamas Membership!

    Where you will receive the yogic tools and practices to support your journey from pregnancy through motherhood.
    Join the SELF PACED membershipJoin the INNER CIRCLE membership

    I signed up for the membership because although I could find yoga vidoes on YouTube, I wouldn’t receive the individualized experience that I do with your classes. I love that we check in at the beginning and you’re able to tailor the class to our needs/wants, as well as provide alternate poses when necessary.

    I also wanted to make sure I had dedicated time each week to focus on myself, and the live classes allow me to do that.

    I honestly think the favorite part of the membership is this little community we’ve created! Everyone is so supportive and positive and I look forward to connecting with everyone each week!

    Specifically, the conversations we’ve had in the 4th Trimester Meetup have been incredibly beneficial and appreciated. 🙂



    I would love to hear from you!! Email me directly at janine@janineyoga.com.

    Thank you!