About Janine

“I have a vision for pregnant women and moms coming together, supporting and appreciating each other, and
making their health, happiness and lives a priority.”

Hi, I’m Janine.

I’m happy you made it to my site! If you are a mom or pregnant, congratulations and I’m rooting for your health and happiness.

I’m currently a mom of two middle school girls and wife to an environment lawyer, but my yoga journey began long ago. My first yoga class was back in college in 1996. It was my last semester, and I took a drawing class, modern dance class, and yoga. It was my most rewarding semester!

Over the years, I took yoga at the local studio wherever I lived and yoga and exercise were a part of my life. Fast forward a few more years, I had two small children and a husband who was working very long hours at the office. I was overwhelmed and surviving, not thriving. I didn’t have a yoga practice at this point, and didn’t do much to take care of myself.

My mother told me that I needed a break, that she and my father would take the kids, and that I needed to go visit my brother in Portland, Oregon for a week. I went.

That trip to visit my brother was a transformative experience. We went hiking, he arranged for me to have a massage AND we went to some yoga classes together. I felt so much better. I started to feel like myself again.

On the way home, I knew that I couldn’t depend on big chunks of time away from my family to reset, restore and rejuvinate. My daily experience needed to change. A yoga studio had recently opened in my area and I started going regularly. Early mornings seemed to work. Once the kids were in preschool, the 10am class was good, and Sundays at noon. My teacher sat me down one day and recommended I become a teacher. And so I did.

Fast forward a little more. We’ve moved out of the city and I’ve started teaching at the local studio. A sub is needed for the prenatal yoga class. I volunteer and do a ton of research and absolutely love it. Over the course of a few years, I train in basic and advanced prenatal yoga teaching at Kripalu.

Now, I love sharing the practice of yoga. I teach a variety of classes in multiple settings. Prenatal Yoga and Yoga for Moms are my particular passions. I needed yoga in a different way after I became a mom. It became my life raft and I would like to share that raft with as many women as I can.

We deserve nourishment on a deep level and it doesn’t have to be complicated! 


200-hour Yoga Teacher Training with BambooMoves, 2011

Pranakriya Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training at Kripalu

  • Basic Prenatal TT, 2012
  • Advanced Prenatal TT, 2015

Trained Postpartum Doula and Lactation Educator, CAPPA 2017

Restorative Yoga Teacher Training with Chris Loebsack, 2012

BA, Smith College
MSW, Simmons College