Experience ease, resiliency and community during
this major life transition through yoga!!

You Matter!


Are you wondering…

… how to care of yourself physically and mentally in this new life stage?

… what core and pelvic floor health even is?

… if you can handle all the changes coming your way? 

I understand and you are not alone! 

  • Learn how to move your changing body in a way that feels good, builds strength and ease, plus core and pelvic floor health.
  • Experience breathing and mindfulness techniques to calm feelings of overwhelm and anxiety.
  • Be part of a community of women in a similar stage of life.

How to Work with Me

Learn powerful relaxation and strength building tools during this milestone transition of pregnancy and motherhood in my membership!


Pregnancy is a wonderful time to begin a yoga practice or deepen your existing one.

These classes are for moms-to-be looking to feel comfortable in their ever-changing skin and prepare for birth.


There are simple practices we can do to support your health during the 3 month period after delivery.

Yoga during this crucial time focuses on relaxation, restoration and healing.


If you have a baby, toddler, school aged, or any aged child, this class is for you!

Practices are tailored to your physical and emotional needs as a mom. YOU and your self care and well being are important.

What People are Saying

Prenatal Yoga with Janine is great! It was wonderful to start each class hearing from each mom, sharing experiences and advice.

And then the yoga portion is completely judgment free and easy focused on stretching, breathing and stress relief.

It is SO worth making the time for this during your pregnancy! It will help reduce aches and pains but also be a resource to meet and hear from other moms-to-be!


The Partner for Birth Workshop was a great addition to the birthing class we took at St. Peter’s. 

It gave us a repertoire of strategies to choose from that provided my partner with practical and specific techniques to be present for me in ways we hadn’t considered before.  It provided some easy techniques for relieving pressure and pain that can be present during pregnancy before labor begins, so practice is helpful even before the birth. 

It also allowed us an evening to connect and think about how we can truly experience the birth more as a couple this time around.


The Apres Birth series is one of the most beneficial things I have done for myself as a Mom. 

I have a far better understanding of what my body needs to recover well from pregnancy, labor, and delivery, and truly believe that I have the tools to take care of myself moving forward. 

I cannot thank Janine and Erin enough for providing such a valuable resource to women in our community!


Read my story here!

I learned these tools through experience.


Have a question, but a google search leads to overwhelm?

I’ve already done the research for you!

I’ve put together this comprehensive 8 page PDF based on 9 years of questions asked by prenatal participants just for you.

From carpal tunnel to pubic pain, from tips on how to turn a baby to how to identify Braxton Hicks contractions, this PDF a treasure trove of resources for you!