Curious about Prenatal Yoga? 

I know it can be intimidating, but yoga during your pregnancy can be a special time for you and your baby!!

See You There!

Are you wondering…

… how to care for yourself physically and mentally in this new life stage?

… if you can handle all the changes coming your way? 

I understand, and you are not alone! 

I would like to help you experience ease and comfort.

How to Work with Me

Join my membership to prepare for labor and delivery with Prenatal Yoga, receive support during the 4th Trimester and harness powerful relaxation and strength building tools in Yoga for Moms!

Prenatal Yoga

Pregnancy is a wonderful time to begin a yoga practice or deepen your existing one.

These classes are for moms-to-be looking to feel comfortable in their ever-changing skin and prepare for birth.

4th Trimester Yoga

There are simple practices we can do to support your health during the 3 month period after delivery.

Yoga during this crucial time focuses on relaxation, restoration and healing.

Yoga for Moms

If you have a baby, toddler, school aged, or any aged child, this class is for you!

Practices are tailored to your physical and emotional needs as a mom. YOU and your self care and well being are important.

“It is a very personalized prenatal yoga experience that leaves me feeling amazing after each class!” ~Laura

What People are Saying

Prenatal yoga with Janine exceeded my expectations by far! I was practicing yoga consistently prior to pregnancy, but was always stretching the limits of my body. I knew I needed to support myself and my growing baby better. Prenatal yoga provided those modifications.

But Janine takes it to the next level.

She checks in with each person prior to starting the class to see what is needed that day and prepare a custom workout for the group on the fly. Janine provides several options for each pose so each individual can participate as their body allows. She also introduced several breathing techniques which were especially helpful during labor and delivery. 

The membership takes all of this to the next level.

You get the weekly classes, but Janine also provides recordings so you can complete the classes again on your own and also short videos focusing on trouble areas when you need a quick fix or a few moments to yourself. 


I love Janine’s personality and skill in teaching the class. I feel so nurtured and nourished in each session.

And I admire her skill in being able to respond directly to students’ requests, such as finding safe alternatives to stretches and poses that I could do in the first trimester, but can no longer do with an expanding belly!

I feel like I am in very safe, supportive hands every class. 


My favorite part of the membership is the community, especially in the 4th Trimester Meetup!

You’ve created a fantastic space that is welcoming and non-judgemental, which I feel is so rare among mom groups.

I also like having access to classes online for when I (rarely at the moment) find time throughout the week to do yoga.


Read my story here!

I learned these tools through experience.

I said yes to the membership at the recommendation of a dear friend and fellow yogi whom I deeply respect after hearing her say the difference Janine’s prenatal yoga class made during her pregnancy in terms of physical and emotional well-being.

Being pregnant during a pandemic has definitely made me more anxious than I otherwise would be and I love that I have a way to carve out time safely for my baby’s and my physical and emotional health!